Staff Exchange Programme

Staff Exchanges may be arranged between IAG members, although some financial support is offered from IAG Global central resources. This process is designed to be simple and flexible.

Exchanges should first be agreed in principle directly between two IAG members.

While it is expected that most exchanges will involve relatively young/ junior professional staff, there is no ‘rule’ to that effect, anyone regarded as appropriate by their firm can qualify.

It is also expected that most exchanges will be two-way, but again that is not a ‘rule’. Suitable exchanges can be one-way, or two-way running concurrently, or two-way not running concurrently.

Once the outline details of an exchange have been agreed in principle between the two IAG members, they are invited to apply to the Board for IAG financial support.

The application to the Board should be made by email via the Executive Office, using this form.

The financial support available takes two forms:

1. A flat subsidy of €1,000 per exchange for help with travel and accommodation, conditional on the submission after completion of the exchange of a short report in writing, with photographs. The subsidy could be less for more local exchanges, e.g. within Europe.

2. Where the exchange can also attend an IAG Assembly shortly after the exchange finishes (preferably May / June) to deliver a report in-person – which is strongly encouraged – their delegate fee will be covered by IAG.

Any offer of financial support will be entirely at the Board’s discretion and will be drawn from a limited budget for this purpose, so it is important for the member firms involved to receive the Board’s confirmation of financial support before making any commitments.

For further details, please contact Charlie and Jude in the Executive Office.

Staff Exchanges 2023.pdf

Staff Exchange Application Form.pdf

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