Benefits of Membership

International capacity
IAG Global membership provides independent firms with international reach and resources that they can use confidently in their clients’ interests because of the high professional and service standard on which the group insists, and easily because of the high level of personal contact that the group enables and encourages.

Reinforced market profile
Possession of genuine high quality international capacity is a valuable asset that makes member firms a more attractive choice for clients in their respective markets. This benefits member firms’ businesses both defensively and actively, and can be used to support or indeed to lead local promotional activity.

Broadening personal experience
IAG Global members find that gaining insight into the business and professional cultures of their fellow members is both interesting and useful: they also find the meetings themselves interesting and enjoyable. Many friendships, business or personal and often combining both aspects, are formed and continued through IAG Global.

IAG Global as a staff incentive
Attendance at IAG Global meetings, and other IAG initiatives including staff exchanges, can be used to encourage, interest, reward, and help retain valuable staff. IAG Global subsidises attendance at meetings, particularly for younger delegates, and staff exchanges, in recognition of this and as an investment in the group’s long-term future.

Receiving referrals
Although it should not be the primary reason for considering joining the group and is dependent on individual circumstances, members usually find that as their IAG Global contacts develop and strengthen, a flow of inward referrals will build up, and that cooperation leads to further cooperation.

Image: IAG Secretary, Helen Watson – Chester 2022