Recruiting New Members

IAG Global has always been rigorous in ensuring that each member firm is carefully selected after an exhaustive admission and interviewing process in order to maintain the quality and high standards of our members.

However, we are always very enthusiastic to talk to potential candidates that meet the standards our members and their clients expect, and who would be a valuable addition to the network.

Unsurprisingly, the most reliable and common source of new members is from introductions from existing members.

The IAG Board considers these recommendations and referrals from members vital to the strategic, careful growth of IAG.

We therefore encourage all members to consider whether the professional advisers that you work with, or indeed those that you come up against on the other side, might be suitable candidates for IAG membership.

The Board greatly values your recommendations and introductions, so please contact the Executive Office or IAG Board Members if there is anyone you would like to suggest for membership of IAG.

Image: IAG Assembly Members – Chicago 2022