November 07 2023

IAG launches International AI Report

IAG Global has created a report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) covering regulations and legislations in jurisdictions around the world.

AI has emerged as a force with the potential to revolutionise various sectors, including industry and science. However it raises complex legal and ethical international questions, and this report aims to provide a global perspective on AI regulations and the legal situation in different countries.

This comprehensive guide asks the questions:
• Is it possible to regulate AI?
• Who owns the right to works created by AI?
• Is AI the end of human skills?
• Legal AI – a threat or an opportunity for legal business?

The answers cover the global situation as discussed by IAG Global members, from America to Australia including Brazil, UK, Europe, China, India and Singapore.

The IAG AI Report is available to everyone, and will be helpful to any legal professionals and IT entrepreneurs, as well as anyone interested in trying to navigate the complex world of AI in our interconnected global society.

To access the AI Report please click here