June 28 2023

IAG launches Charity Initiative

IAG Global is very excited to announce the launch of an initiative to support local charities around the world.

This initiative has been launched by the IAG Global Board, inspired by a memorable performance by Chester-based drama school The Hammond during the Gala Dinner at its recent UK General Assembly. The school is a registered charity and is committed to supporting talented young people from all socio-economic backgrounds to make the arts accessible to all.

The IAG Global Board has pledged to support a local charity at each of the three annual IAG Assemblies held in locations around the world. Each charity will be chosen by the IAG member hosting that event.

At the heart of this initiative is a focus on local good causes, and charities that are particularly meaningful to our local member.

IAG makes a donation to the charity, and charity representatives are invited to join the Assembly to talk about what they do, how they help others and how IAG members can support.

The inaugural charity was Association of Creators and Supporters of Psychostimulation chosen by Poland member SDZLEGAL Schindhelm, host of IAG’s 2023 General Assembly in Wrocław.

The charity uses the Dyna-Lingua M.S. method in the therapy of children and adults with various speech disorders, usually of a significant degree, whose origin is usually neurological. Therapists trained in this method work primarily with: autistic children, children with delayed intellectual development (also with Down syndrome), children with sensory and motor dysphasia disorders, and adults suffering from aphasia. The charity also runs a coffee shop in Wrocław, Cafe Równik, made up of members of the charity and their families. IAG delegates greatly enjoyed visiting Cafe Równik during the recent event and were delighted to support the charity.

Tomasz Szarek, IAG Global Chairman and Managing Partner of Wrocław-based member SDZLEGAL Schindhelm, comments: “It’s an honour for me that not only could I host members of the network in my hometown, but it was in Wrocław that we started a new tradition – helping and supporting a local charity.

“We decided to support Association of Creators and Supporters of Psychostimulation because the initiative is close to my heart, and I have been to Cafe Równik, which is one of the Association’s initiatives, several times. This meeting was valuable not only for me personally, but also for all the participants, who had the opportunity to learn about the methods of assistance, the difficulties in the lives of people with disabilities, and to listen to many motivating stories from the lives of the Association’s charges. I believe that this experience was extremely enriching for both parties. I am glad that we were able to contribute to the development of the organization and, at the same time, launch an extremely worthwhile initiative.”

To find out more about the Charity Initiative please contact [email protected]

Photo: Representatives from Association of Creators and Supporters of Psychostimulation of Wroclaw, Poland, with Tomasz Szarek of host firm SDZLEGAL Schindhelm at the Wroclaw General Assembly, June 2023