Who We Are

We are an international network of independent law firms, accountants, tax advisers and other professional services firms. IAG membership extends a firms’ reach and capabilities across borders by establishing and facilitating strong business relationships.

Close professional relationships, trust and friendships between members is what makes IAG unique.

When our client needs cross-border help and advice, we can introduce them to high quality professionals around the world who we know and trust. So, international offices don’t mean distant relationships. IAG members know one another.

IAG has always been rigorous in ensuring that each member firm is carefully selected after an exhaustive admission and interviewing process in order to maintain the quality and high standards of our members.

Over time, this discipline, with the accumulated experience of working together, allows every member to develop strong bonds of trust, and often friendship, with every other member.

For clients of IAG members, this means the added advantage of a reliably excellent, fast, seamless, hassle-free service to meet their requirements around the world. When we pick up the phone to speak to a member in another country on our clients’ behalf, we’re talking to someone we know and in whom we have confidence. No red tape. Quick answers to easy questions; expedited strategy and action on more complex challenges.

We work with large companies, medium-sized businesses, and individuals. Our members include lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and fiduciaries, and corporate advisory firms, some of whom work in association with other specialists: economists, real estate advisers or financial advisers. No matter what your challenge, no matter where it is, you won’t have to feel like you’re working in a country that’s “foreign” to you ever again.

We hold three meetings a year for members, each in a different country and almost always hosted by a member firm. Again, at the heart of our meetings is building those professional relationships and friendships between members. These Global Assemblies are consistently well-attended, and each event is made uniquely memorable by the local pride and passion of our hosts.

Image: Chicago- IAG Assembly, 2022