The Executive Office

The IAG Executive Office provides operational, marketing and communications support for IAG members and the IAG Board.

Charlie Birts and Judith Kenyon have a wide range of responsibilities, which vary depending on the requirements of the Board and members at any time but are generally in the following areas:

Board and Member Support – we are in regular touch with members, and work closely with the Board through day-to-day contact, and weekly and monthly meetings.

Referrals – making introductions and recommendations to help members and your clients find reliable local advisors around the world.

IAG Events – organising and managing the three annual Global Assemblies and IAG Remote virtual events.

Communications – internal and external, website and social media. And sharing information with and between members.

Financial Management – working with the Board, accountant and auditor to ensure IAG’s finances are managed efficiently and transparently.

Recruitment – managing a constant flow of new member enquiries, member introductions and targeted approaches.

Regulation and Compliance – managing IAG’s Dutch registration and tax obligations, working with external advisors where necessary.

If you have any questions, need help finding an advisor, or if you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact Charlie or Jude in the Executive Office and we will be delighted to help.

Image: Charlie Birts, Director and
Judith Kenyon, Communications Manager.