An association of independent professional companies from around the globe.

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An association of independent professional firms from around the globe.

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IAG held its second Assembly of 2019 in Braunschweig, kindly hosted by Appelhagen.

The high turnout of over 80 delegates heard a series of excellent presentations, starting with a welcome from Chairman Iben Lindhardt Olsson. Joachim Gulich of Appelhagen presented his firm. Thorsten Sponholz of Siemens Mobility spoke on ‘Challenge Mobility’, which the delegates received warmly, and Christiane Krebs-Hartmann of Future Study and Trend Transfer at Volkswagen gave a fascinating presentation on the similarities and differences of social priorities across a number of countries. Both guest speakers were arranged by Appelhagen. Stuart Haynes of Aaron & Partners led a discussion on ‘Technology in the workplace – where is it taking us?’ which was clearly a challenging topic for many delegates.

Three superb social networking evenings, at Appelhagen’s offices, then a black tie dinner in the newly refurbished Maschinenhalle of the Steigenberger ParkHotel, and finally at the Restaurant Duomo, plus optional visits to a Volkswagen plant and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) to hear about research into autonomous driving, completed a packed programme very much enjoyed by all attendees, who numbered over 100 in total.